State & National Resilience Resources

Planning and Policy (1.3, 1.5)

Virginia Coastal Policy CenterReports page

Community Rating System (1.5)

The Community Rating System (CRS) is a voluntary program under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). CRS awards policyholders reduced flood insurance premiums for actions taken by local government to reduce flooding. 

Flood Fluent (1.3)

Hampton Roads-specific flood insurance and preparedness promotion.

Georgetown Climate Center Adaptation Clearinghouse Coastal Sector

An online database and networking site that serves policymakers and others who are working to help coastal communities adapt to climate change.

Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding ResiliencyReports & Web Resources

Flood Risk Assessment (2.1, 2.2)


ADAPTVA focuses on physical and social vulnerabilities by integrating legal and policy resources, stories that explain adaption through maps and pictures, a searchable web catalogue, and mapping tools that address short and long-term predictions for rising water levels.

Coastal Resilience for the Eastern Shore of Virginia (The Nature Conservancy)

Coastal Resilience is a decision support tool to enable communities to visualize the risks of sea-level rise and storm surges for the people, economy, and coastal habitats of the Eastern Shore and to identify nature-based solutions for enhancing resilience and reducing risks where possible.

Virginia Flood Risk Information System (VFRIS)

The Virginia Flood Risk Information System (VFRIS) includes information from the National Flood Hazard Layer, National Flood Insurance Program, and Digital Flood Rate Maps provided by FEMA to localities across Virginia, as well as data from the National Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Geological Survey, and Esri.

Floodplain Management Resources (Virginia DCR)

Bulleted list of links organized by Federal, State, Professional Association Resources, Mapping and Training Opportunities.

Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper

This online visualization tool supports communities that are assessing their coastal hazard risks and vulnerabilities through user-defined maps that show the people, places, and natural resources exposed to coastal flooding. In addition, the tool provides guidance for using these maps to engage community members and stakeholders.

Surging Sea by Climate Central

Climate Central's Surging Seas Risk Finder’s interactive toolkit includes maps, local sea level and flood risk projections, and potential impacts for communities.. It also provides customized downloadable tables and figures for communication and education.

Emergency Preparedness (2.5)

Virginia Department of Emergency Management

State website with emergency information such as Know Your Zone, emergency trainings, grant opportunities, and social media links to stay up to date on emergency information.

Know Your Zone Evacuation Information

Information on Coastal Virginia’s tiered evacuation zones and associated evacuation routes.

Natural Resources Preservation (4.5)

VIMS Coastal Resources Management Living Shorelines Guidance

Explanation of the importance of living shorelines and recent publications.

Virginia Protected Lands Program

Resources and tools regarding land conservation for landowners, citizens, and land trusts.



This website, Task # 92.03 was funded by the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program at the Department of Environmental Quality through Grant # NA17NOS4190152 
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This project is currently a partnership between the Institute for Engagement & Negotiation at the University of Virginia, the Institute for Coastal Adaptation and Resilience at Old Dominion University, and the Center for Coastal Studies at Virginia Tech. The former Virginia Coastal Policy Center at the William & Mary Law School participated in this partnership from 2015 until June 2023.


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